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Accurate Print Stream Transformation. Guaranteed.

Output transformation is a linchpin of successful customer communications because it allows large organizations to rapidly repurpose print stream content such as credit card bills, insurance policies, bank statements, telephone bills and more into other usable formats. To comply with stringent regulatory requirements, transformations must be perfect. That’s why OpenText has engineered the most accurate, highest fidelity enterprise transformation engine on the market.

The OpenText Output Transformation solution securely transforms and repurposes print stream documents for high-volume batch production printing, document proofing, document indexing for ECM, print production, and online presentment. This solution is selected by the world’s largest organizations for its exceptional performance, scalability, rock-solid reliability, and powerful graphical implementation.

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PDF to XML for Online Presentation and Rich Visualizations

With customers demanding more control over their data than static formats allow, such as print and PDF, large organizations have started using dynamic online formats to satisfy this demand and add more value for their customers. Dynamic formats using HTML5 technology empower customers to sort, group, graph, and chart their information, and even perform calculations. Customers are able to view and interpret information in ways that make sense to them, using their preferred device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. OpenText delivers proven enterprise solutions that enable large organizations to extract customer information from all available sources and translate it into XML to present dynamic content across the full spectrum of online channels.

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Lower Costs, Happier Customers!

OpenText is the industry leader in transformations, delivering unrivaled technology that meets the three critical areas organizations value most: accuracy, performance, and ease of use. Organizations that want to improve their customer communications dramatically on all channels rely on our output transformation solution because it:

  • Reduces costs of physical printing and delivery by storing content in electronic formats and presenting online
  • Enhances customer experience and operational efficiency by making documents available when, where, and how they are needed by staff, customers, and business partners
  • Creates an exceptional online customer experience using visual representations of content and interactive views that encourages customers to opt out of hard copy print formats
  • Increases agility to rapidly adapt to changing business processes and requirements
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership, improves productivity, and reduces cycle time by eliminating error-prone manual processes with automated transformations

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