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Automatic Document Generation

Create Professional and Personalized Customer Correspondence Quickly and Easily

Customer relationships can make or break a company, and customer communications can make all the difference in acquiring and retaining customers. Actuate’s Document Generation solution is designed for large enterprises looking to advance beyond manual customer communication processes and automate the creation of complex documents and correspondence such as quotes, account plans, contracts, customer service communications and more.

Actuate's Document Generation solution has both a cloud-based and Microsoft Office® based editor to generate modular, rules-based documents that are flexible and professional-looking. A graphical tool lets you create and manage all document templates in a central location, making document composition easy and efficient.

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BIRT PowerDocs

Available as both on-premises and cloud implementations, Actuate's Document Generation solution, called BIRT PowerDocs, supports output to multiple communication channels, including social and mobile, and has the unique ability to access data simultaneously from leading CRM systems including Oracle Fusion, Salesforce, Oracle Siebel, SAP and SugarCRM.

Actuate’s Document Generation solution delivers:

  • Greater Efficiency
    Generate all customer correspondence from a single source and access, revise, repurpose, and personalize content faster and with less effort.

  • Cost Savings
    Save significantly on communication implementation services, IT infrastructure, maintenance, and synergy effects by virtue of the BIRT PowerDocs technology.

  • Better Document Quality
    Generate proposals, quotes, contracts, and other documents using only approved content, thus maintaining tight control over the business process.

  • Higher Marketing Conversion
    Deliver the right content, at the right time, on the right channel, to the right person, to achieve higher conversion rates from communication initiatives.

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