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Archiving for Today's Organizations

OpenText provides electronic output archiving solutions for large organizations that need to replace antiquated hard copy archives and monolithic electronic repositories with a nimble, web-friendly system. Our approach to archiving documents enables large organizations to load, store, transform, retrieve, and deliver high-volume customer communications such as statements, bills, invoices, and policies faster than ever before, all while reducing the storage footprint. Our industry-leading archiving technology eases system integration, reduces operational costs, and improves business return on investment.

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OpenText Output Archive

Electronic Archiving and Document Management

At OpenText, we understand that storage is not enough. Along with storing tremendous volumes of content, modern enterprises must also deliver it in various formats across a multitude of online channels, while satisfying regulatory requirements. Our customers benefit immediately from our world-class archiving technology, differentiated by:

  • Performance: Designed to serve millions of users with system response times measured in milliseconds.
  • Multi-channel Delivery: Integrated document transformation ensures that content can be delivered in an appropriate static or interactive format to any channel: print, web, mobile, or tablet.
  • Document Lifecycle Management: Configurable rules governing content retention, disposition, storage formats, and security simplify regulatory compliance.
  • Ability to Access Business Silos: Single user interface for accessing and viewing content stored in IBM® FileNet, EMC® Documentum, CMIS-enabled repositories and other systems. Also features robust API access, enabling key business apps to add and retrieve content.

What to Expect from OpenText Output Archive

The world’s top organizations in financial services, insurance, and telecommunications trust OpenText for electronic archiving solutions. Our peerless technology and experience provide dramatic benefits for customers:

  • Fast content retrieval
  • Higher ROI on IT investments
  • Cost savings, derived from
    • Electronic storage vs. warehousing hard copies
    • Online presentment of documents
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Streamlined IT operations
    • Reduced storage hardware requirements

Want to learn more?

Read our white paper on how to recognize when archiving has become an issue in your organization, or view our videos on OpenText Output Archive (formerly BIRT Repository).

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