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OpenText Output Archive: The Smartest Way to Store Content

OpenText Output Archive provides document archiving and multi-channel delivery for high-volume customer correspondence, electronic documents, and scanned images like statements, bills, invoices, and operational reports. It is designed to intelligently archive enterprise content and deliver it across the organization for both enterprise system processing and end user presentation. Built on the robust, scalable and fully integrated Actuate Application Framework, OpenText Output Archive offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with other products within the Actuate Customer Communication Suite and existing IT infrastructure.

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Reduce Complexity, Boost Productivity

  • Industry-proven system and application integration for creating end-to-end content management solutions
  • Advanced storage management for efficiently managing structured and unstructured enterprise content
  • Multi-channel delivery and presentment for sending enterprise content to print, web, mobile and tablet devices
  • Integrated content auditing and life cycle management enables enhanced content systems management

Enhanced Content Systems Management

OpenText Output Archive allows organizations to take advantage of information assets. This means that internal and external consumers can analyze, aggregate, enhance, and interact with content contained within the Repository, thus creating a true System of Engagement for organizations and customers. OpenText Output Archive was built on modern technology, for the new enterprise that engages users on a multitude of online channels.

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Why OpenText Output Archive Is Different

  • Designed for fraction-of-a-second response
  • Built-in tools enable content delivery in appropriate static or interactive format to each channel
  • Integrated content transformation and indexing capabilities
  • Single user interface for accessing and viewing content stored across disparate enterprise storage systems
  • Rules-based Document Lifecycle Management and comprehensive system logs
  • Application Interoperability via robust APIs
  • Abstracted Storage Layer to insulate system from ongoing hardware changes
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Rigorous System Reporting
  • Dedicated administration console and comprehensive IT Admin Tools
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