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OpenText Output Transformation Server

Integrate your CCM Applications

OpenText Output Transformation Server is a robust, flexible, and highly scalable processing engine that manages content flow and business processes across the enterprise. With an extensive set of interfaces and adaptors, OpenText Output Transformation Server enables organizations to integrate back-office systems, archive repositories and customer-facing applications to form a single consolidated system to efficiently manage enterprise content and customer communications. OpenText Output Transformation Server reliably moves data between CCM applications. It has the ability to create both pre-scheduled business processes to automate repetitive tasks and dynamic business processes for on-the-fly data flow between CCM applications. OpenText Output Transformation Server supports team collaboration, enabling members to work simultaneously on the same process in a secure environment.

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Key Process Management Capabilities

  • Job Management: Batch and on demand job definition, scheduling and management
  • Systems Integration: Back-office systems, ECM systems, customer-facing applications
  • Document Processing: Integrated document transformation and content re-engineering
  • Graphical Designer: Graphical process configuration and systems management
  • Enterprise-Level Performance: Clustering, load balancing, automatic failover
  • Scalability: Easily grow horizontally and vertically as your business expands
  • Availability: Ensure 24x7 operations with built-in clustering, failover, and load balancing
  • Configurable audit logging: Tune logging capabilities to balance the needs of the business without affecting the performance of the application
  • Project lifecycle management: Seamlessly deploy new or updated projects from development to test to production

Robust and Reliable Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

OpenText Output Transformation Server was engineered with the flexibility you need to manage every component of the OpenText Output Transformation suite. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and features connectivity functions and job management capabilities to enable automatic content processing for high-volume and enterprise-level requirements.

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OpenText Output Transformation Server supports key process management needs

  • Input and output services: Java API, web service calls, file events, FTP, messages queues, sockets and email
  • ECM archive integration: Seamless integration with IBM CMOD and other archives for batch load and real time presentment
  • Process flow design: Define business logic, process automation
  • Graphical designer: Graphical process configuration and systems management
  • Transformation capabilities: Seamless integration with document and data transformation engines
  • Multi-channel delivery: Multi-platform support including Windows, AIX, Linux, UNIX, and z/OS as a 100% Java application. Administration and configuration options for both the OpenText Output Transformation Designer thick-client and the Administration Console thin-client

Process Manager works in conjunction with OpenText Output Transformation Designer. Using wizards and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily configure, deploy, administer, and monitor virtually every aspect of OpenText Output Transformation Server.

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