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BIRT Process Designer

Power Graphical Design Interface

BIRT Process Designer is a unique and powerful, wizard-driven graphical user interface with intuitive drag-and- drop functionality that allows developers to easily create, configure, deploy, and monitor every component of our Customer Communication Suite.

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What Makes BIRT Process Designer Unique?

With a powerful and intuitive graphical design interface, our process design software helps you streamline project lifecycle management and increase ROI.

  • Improves productivity by eliminating custom code and learning curve
  • Allows developers to create print stream transformation projects without the need for knowing the constructs behind the print stream
  • Simplifies the process of extracting or mining content from the printed page
  • Reduces the time required to transform and translate data with a drag-and-drop environment

Process Design, Simplified

Easy and intuitive drag-and-drop environment

BIRT Process Designer enables developers to access content stored in archives, documents, and structured data and is used to create rich customer-facing applications. Developers can implement defined process flows to control the flow of information linking various components and processes together, including document transformation and data translation projects. They can also perform a myriad of business logic functions on content flowing through the BIRT Process Manager.

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What are the technical benefits of using BIRT Process Designer?

BIRT Process Designer's easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives developers the flexibility and agility they need to create processes to manage complex customer communication needs and integrate disparate business applications.

  • Built on Java
  • Full-featured process flow designer
  • Drag-and-drop print stream transformation project configuration
  • Structured data translation and mapping capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box configurable components and processes
  • Enables collaboration via Configuration Repository
  • System and job-level monitoring

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