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Create Customer-Centric Communications in Minutes!

OpenText PowerDocs is an enterprise-class correspondence application that automates document generation for complex, high quality, personalized communications such quotes, proposals, contracts, customer service communication, case management and more. OpenText PowerDocs can incorporate any data from your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Salesforce®, Oracle Fusion®, SAP® and more to create professional looking communications in no time. OpenText PowerDocs is easy to implement with very little set-up, saving time and costs involved in reallocating valuable in-house IT resources.

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Relevant and Personalized Sales, Marketing and Service Correspondence Without The Manual Effort

If you need to generate standardized documents for a large number of customers and need to personalize each one using the latest information from your CRM system, OpenText PowerDocs can help. Whether your company is a rapidly growing organization that needs to keep up with client demands or acquisition initiatives or a mature organization with processes and capabilities that need to be brought into the 21st century, OpenText PowerDocs can automate document generation for quotes, statements, invoices, service notifications and so much more! OpenText PowerDocs has a flexible rules-based document composition engine, available as both cloud-based and Microsoft Office based deployments, that pulls customer information from your CRM database in real-time to create personalized, customer-centric and relevant communication. With the help of an intuitive graphical user interface, you can start creating templates and generate visually attractive communications in just minutes.

OpenText PowerDocs Is Available On

Salesforce App Exchange Oracle Cloud Marketplace

The Only Document Automation Product with Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

  • Turnkey integration with Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, SAP and other leading business systems
  • Fast set up means you can start working with OpenText PowerDocs in minutes
  • 24/7 access to enterprise-scale computing resources capable of producing high-volume correspondence
  • Sophisticated rules engine to dynamically adapt correspondence to individual customer information
  • Easy document editing capabilities, using a cloud-based editor or Microsoft Word
  • Support for multi-channel delivery through email, print, text message, fax, FTP file server, CMIS-enabled content management systems, and more
  • Workflow and process integration features to map document flows and approvals
  • Electronic signature capability with an integrated, mobile-ready signature module
  • Support for over 10 languages

Learn More about OpenText PowerDocs

Want to learn more about how OpenText PowerDocs streamlines your customer communications? Visit the dedicated OpenText PowerDocs website and explore features in detail.

OpenText PowerDocs Website

Unmatched Technology = Unmatched Results

Unique among hosted software packages, OpenText PowerDocs is a comprehensive document generation solution for large enterprises. Organizations use OpenText PowerDocs to produce a diverse array of personalized written communications quickly and accurately for virtually all modern customer channels. Bottom line, OpenText PowerDocs was engineered to make your life easier.

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We Weren't Joking About Making Your Life Easier

  • Gate Technology - Unmatched integration to Oracle Siebel, SAP, Salesforce
  • OOXML format on Java
  • Easy-to-use: Intuitive end-user interface, wizards
  • Supports data access from multiple sources
  • Supports on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid installations
  • Requires minimal services efforts for implementation and maintenance
  • Protects existing IT investment and infrastructure

Learn More About OpenText PowerDocs

Want to learn even more about how OpenText PowerDocs revolutionizes your customer communications? Visit the dedicated OpenText PowerDocs website and explore features in detail.

OpenText PowerDocs Website

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