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Enterprise-Scale Transformation, In Real-Time

OpenText Embedded Data Transformation Engine is a high-speed, high-volume, scalable, and easy-to-implement data transformation and translation engine that puts enterprises in control of their data, providing real-time back-office integration for straight-through processing between disparate business applications and systems.

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OpenText Embedded Data Transformation Engine is for organizations looking for solutions that eliminate paper-based data collection and delivery systems; transform data into new formats for compliance or interoperability; or simply share digital information with stakeholders on multiple platforms in user-friendly formats. OpenText Embedded Data Transformation Engine makes information available when, where, and how it is needed, all in real time.

Setting up a business to conduct information exchange in electronic formats is challenging. The wide range of communications protocols, data types, and data formats used in back-office systems and by partners make it difficult to orchestrate, cumbersome to implement, complex to maintain, and expensive to modify as partners, protocols, business needs, and back-office applications change.

With OpenText Embedded Data Transformation Engine, you can:

  • Rapidly and graphically develop, deploy, and maintain automated data transformations without the need for manual custom coding
  • Easily and quickly implement the most complex data translations across the enterprise
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across data types to shorten the learning curve and eliminate the need for developers to understand the data formats
  • Update projects without having to know the specifics of each mapping with our standard development environment
  • Ensure data integrity by automating the data translation process
  • Enforce data validation
  • Enhance customer and partner relationships by making it easier to do business with your organization

High-Speed Transformation Engine

OpenText's patented transformation technology provides you with the ability to:

  • Transform structured and semi-structured transaction data formats into any other format, including X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, SWIFT, HL7, XML, HTML, CSV, or text
  • Transform semi-structured desktop document formats such as Word and PDF when implemented with the Document Transform PDF Parser component
  • Dynamically manipulate transformed data “on-the-fly,” in accordance with pre-established business rules
  • Repurpose structured data for straight-through processing between disparate back-office systems

OpenText Embedded Data Transformation Engine is Easy to Implement

  • Portability: 100% Java solution for structured and semi-structured data
  • Scalability: Multi-threaded and scalable functionality for high-speed, real-time performance
  • Flexibility: Flexible component architecture with powerful Java API integrates easily with legacy environments or SOA architectures
  • Universality: Multi-language and double-byte character support
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