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Acquire and Retain Customers with Predictive Analytics

BIRT Analytics is a high-performance predictive analytics and visual data mining tool that provides customers with the ability to assess data to manage campaigns, monitor social media, keep track of web analytics, acquire customer insights, analyze churn as well as run cross-sell and upsell initiatives.

This provides customers with the feedback loop required to optimize communications and improve the business outcome from communication initiatives. Input data for communications and campaigns can also be fed through BIRT Analytics to e.g. identify the right audience for a communication initiative prior to being sent to the composition engine for design and deployment.

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Key Benefits

  • Identify sales opportunities
  • Identify lifetime value customers
  • Predict and prevent customer churn
  • Get a global customer view
  • Segment better for high-response campaigns
  • No data scientist/statistician required
  • Gain efficiencies and save costs

Turn Big Data into Big Insights

BIRT Analytics speeds up the process of integrating and turning big volumes of data into insights and real value. It reduces costs, optimizes processes and enables business teams to easily apply advanced analytics techniques and create effective and powerful business strategies.

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Technical Benefits

  • Single view for all data
  • Instant response time against big data
  • Visual interface designed for exploration
  • Popular algorithms to expose business insights

Product Resources

Visit the BIRT Analytics website for detailed product information, videos, customer success stories, and more.

Visit BIRT Analytics Website

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