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Actuate Customer Communication Suite

Integrated products for all your document management and correspondence needs

The Actuate Customer Communication Suite empowers your business with robust, performance-driven, easy-to-implement software products that dramatically improve the way you engage with your customers. Trusted by leading organizations around the world in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, health care, and government agencies, our advanced automated CCM technology fully integrates into existing systems and modernizes how enterprises create, modify, store, and deliver personalized, accessible customer communications across multiple channels.

BIRT Document Accessibility

Automate the transformation of large volumes of documents such as statements, invoices and more into accessible PDF format to comply with accessibility legislation.

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Automate the design and delivery of high-quality, personalized communication including quotes, invoices, letters and more with data from leading CRM systems like

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BIRT Document Transform

Reduce printing costs and present information online by transforming and repurposing print streams to PDF, XML, HTML and other electronic output formats.

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BIRT Data Transform

Transform data formats in real-time between business applications with this high-speed and high-volume application.

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Intelligently archive high volume content such as statements and more to save costs, retrieve content faster and reduce storage footprint.

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BIRT Process Manager

Integrate business systems across the enterprise, and manage content flow and business processes with this flexible and scalable processing engine.

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BIRT Process Designer

Design, configure, deploy and monitor processes across the enterprise with this powerful, wizard-driven, graphical user interface.

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BIRT iHub Visualization

Transform complex data seamlessly and effectively into compelling visualizations: graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, and more.

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Use predictive analytics and create data visualizations to acquire customer insights, analyze churn and more.

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